WordPress Blogs – Self Hosted Vs Free
If you're keen to create the first WordPress blog to promote your company and found out that you can start a blog for free with WordPress You will be very interested in it. I'd like inform you that there are many differentiators between a hosting your own WordPress blog and having a free blog on WordPress.com. Is it worth the efforts and time to blogging using free service? Before you begin your blog, take a look at this article and weigh the pros and cons. The following article will help you make the right decision. Free Blogs - The Reasons You Shouldn't Make Use of They We'll take WordPress blogs as an example. If you are simply expect to create a blog to sharing your thoughts and displaying your day-to-day lift activities, and more importantly you'll never earn any money through it, you might better to choose WordPress.com and sign up as a user there. Here are two biggest weaknesses that could be a hindrance to professional bloggers who is hoping to make money from blogging. One thing is that the limited resource is a huge disadvantage. The blog platform that is hosted remotely is designed to accommodate thousands of bloggers. That's why WordPress.com only affords to offer users with the least resources. When a large volume of activities happens in the WordPress server, the site will ultimately run the risk of significant crashes. For more detail please visit:- ラブドール clean green certified ID PRO SLOT Additionally, bloggers who intend to monetize their blogs will discover that a free blog will make it difficult to monetize your blog. Unfortunately, many (free) blogs that are hosted remotely aren't allowed to make use of any form of direct advertising, such as Google AdSense or affiliate links. Self Hosted WordPress Blogs: 7 Benefits of Using Them In contrast to a free WordPress blog The fact that you have your own WordPress blog hosted on your own server will give you the complete control over it. You are allowed to add any kind of ads and affiliate program that you wish. It is also possible to alter the appearance and feel. A detailed explanation of the reasons behind it will certainly impress you.
  1. Independence: Hosting your own blog gives you complete access to your website. You will be provided with an individual server on which it is possible to put up anything you like, and then decorate in the way you see fit. The full control you have gives you the freedom to design your own blog. Blog service providers that are free usually place their own ads on your site/blog to make revenue for their service. With self-hosted blog you can sign up to your publisher program such as AdSense and start making cash.
  2. WordPress Plugins: They allow for easy modification and enhancement of you WordPress blog. They allow you to extend the capabilities for your website. If you'd like to display the latest comments on your blog, simply adding an "WP Recent Comments" plug-in can do it for you. The free blog service is available, but this could be very restricted or not possible.
  3. WordPress Themes: You will be allowed to use only the theme you choose to use using the free service. But, if you choose to use a self-hosted WordPress blog, you are able to pick from thousands of million of themes from the WordPress communities. You could even request someone to create a new theme for your blog. The selection is infinite.
  4. HDD Storage In the same way as we stated above, you will be provided with a small disk space with a free service. It means that you'll be only allowed to upload a specific amount of files. If you're planning to place images and videos for users to download from your website, this might be a bit too much. If you have a self-hosted blog you can select the appropriate hosting plan best suits your needs.
  5. A Feeling of Professionalism: If you care about what people think of your business, a self-hosted blog can provide your readers with the impression of professionalism. It can also be viewed as your credibility and reputation, as most people do not see the free service with awe. If you talk about a self-hosted blogs, many people believe that the blogger has paid for the service and he is committed to his work and the work.
  6. Easy SEO Optimization for Search Engines is vital to successful blogging. When your blog contents are most optimised for Google, they will be indexed quickly and rank better in search results. With a self-hosted web host of your site, it is much simpler to perform the necessary search engine optimization. For example, you can be assured of to rank highly with the help of All-in-one SEO WordPress plugin and so on.
  7. Possibility of Reselling: Another advantage of your own self-hosted blog is that you will be in a position to sell your self-owned blog in the event that you choose to sell it for any reason. If you've set up an online blog using the free blog service, if you do not going to be posting posts on your blog, there is no option but to end it with no income since you do not own your blog.

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