Why I Love Blogging
eople blog for many reasons. In the beginning, I began my blog the end of 2013 as a platform for authors. But as time passed I realized that my blog served more than an author platform and it wasn't only about numbers. Blogs serve a different and more significant purpose. I'd even go as far to say that it's altered the way I think about and live my life. That's why if you're contemplating beginning a blog, I'd strongly recommend it. This is, if you're blogging for the right reasons. If you're starting an online blog to earn money or even earn a living, well don't put your hopes on it. It's extremely difficult nowadays. Even after three years I'm still not earning any money from my blog. By the way, don't trust the claims of sellers of online courses who attempt to convince you that blogging is the best way to make an income from a passive source. It is true that writing and promoting a blog can be a lot of work. It is not passive. it. It's easy to become frustrated as you begin your blog. As a technically-challenged person, I had to learn WordPress. Then, I had to spend lots of time marketing my blog and attempting to find an audience. Another thing I was not aware about. Like most bloggers, I was quickly in awe - and then depressed by the numbers and how many subscribers, visitors, and Facebook fans I was able to count at any given time. Turns out building up readership for a blog is a process that takes a LOT of time, effort, and patience. For more detail please visit:- https://primamedchem.com/ https://pharmachemlaboratory.com/  https://posgradosadistancia.com.ar/ So , why do we blog? People may not agree with my views, but I believe blogging shouldn't just be about earning money, building up business, building a huge following, chasing fame or sell books. Blogs can be an outlet for creativity to share thoughts, ideas and opinions, as well as beliefs and opinions. Furthermore blogging can be a wonderful opportunity to inspire and affect the lives of other people positively. How Blogging has changed my life My blog has certainly seen me through many highs and lows over the past couple of years. I've blogged about joyous moments like a trip to Chicago with my husband to celebrate our anniversary, spending a day being outside in snow and playing with my grandchildren, and watching Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones at Desert Trip, and an enjoyable weekend getaway with my children in San Francisco. I've also let my heart out while caregiving to my Mom who was suffering due to Lewy Body dementia and wrote about her passing. I wrote about my grief when my mother-in-law died from cancer of the ovary, and my son went through a painful custody and divorce battle that same year. (Ironically, shortly after I began writing my blog about happiness, I experienced the most miserable season of my existence.) Yes, I enjoy reading, and it is an ideal escape from my troubles, but writing is my main escape or outlet and my true passion. When I write, I am so focused, my problems fade away for awhile and I get a much needed break. In fact, if you're truly a writer I guarantee you that it's an all-time addiction! The process of writing down my thoughts and emotions into words has given me comfort as well as help me to relive joyous moments.writer As I've written about my life, this blog has helped me consider what's important to me and assess if my life is headed to the proper direction. Since I can't write about every event, idea, thought, and feeling, blogging provides an element of filtering, helping me to understand my life. My blogs have helped me realize what's most important to me. I've come to realize that sometimes it's the simplest moment that makes me the happiest. Embracing Creativity As a professional writer, my blog allows me the creativity and freedom to express myself. I'm not trying to blow up anyone's balloon However, writing may sound more glamorous than in reality. For the majority of the last 25 years, I've been writing articles on topics that magazines, newspapers, publishers, and clients choose for me. Yes, I've written two young adult novels including travel pieces, funny pieces, and feature stories on interesting people. They were all fun. On the other hand for the sake of earning an income, I've written articles that bored me until I was crying. I've written technical articles and even one technical book that gave my an Excedrin headache and made me crazy. I've had to write on demand, meeting other people's deadlines, writing late into the evening as my brain is desperately trying to call it quits. Don't get me wrong. I'm not perfect at times, but I'm fully aware that I'm incredibly fortunate to have a job by doing something that I am passionate about. I wouldn't have had it in any other way. What's important is that my blog is my child. I write about subjects that I am fascinated by and am passionate about, and I hope that my readers will enjoy as well. My blog lets me expand my writing abilities and explore, play, and try new things whenever my creative muse takes over. Writing professionally has helped me develop the ability to write blogs every week and I also write my blogs at the times I'd like to. Believe me when I say that it's not before the crack of dawn or after 10:00 pm at night! This is a luxurious experience. That's a couple ways that blogging has transformed my life. However, as I stated in the past, the greatest benefit is that blogging has the potential to change the lives of other people as well. People have left messages letting me know that I had in a small way inspired them or provided helpful information. This always brings me such joy. Writing a blog has given me an opportunity for me to connect with readers and other bloggers, which is so satisfying. What kinds of blogs have been most popular? It's always fascinating to discover what resonates with people and resonates. My top ten blog posts in order of popularity: 1. Five Tips to Be A Happy, Go-Lucky People Each year, it is my top-performing blog by far. Merriam-Webster defines happy-go-lucky as blithely indifferent and carefree. Synonyms include relaxed, friendly as well as low-pressure and mellow. It seems like we all want to be a little bit of it! 2. Golden Boys at Concert Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon, and Fabian The request came from a publisher to do an essay on the book review of The autobiography by Bobby Rydell. It led to an interview, free tickets to the Golden Boys concert with Frankie Avalon and Fabian as well as a backstage pass to meet Rydell face-to-face. It was a great perk that was a result of blogging! When they published my review of the concert on Rydell's page on Facebook, my page's visitors increased by 3000% for the day. No joke! 3. Keep in the fun at the seven Dwarfs of Menopause This blog has been in the third-place position since I began blogging. It's either funny or cry in menopausal era and wouldn't we prefer to smile? 4. Believing in yourself despite problems Everyone has problems which make us feel helpless and defeated, so I'm not too surprised that this blog made the top ten. I've provided three easy suggestions on how we can control the way we think and how we can choose to be content regardless of our troubles. 5. What Are Your Happiest Moments of Your Life? If you reflect back on your entire life, what events would you consider your the most joyful? What would be your top regrets? That's the question that one study asked participants who were 70 or older. I'm sharing the outcomes of their thoughtful responses on this site. 6. Why Older People Are happier than Baby Boomers This is my very first blog that got my blog off the ground. The idea for this blog was based on studies that have shown that, in general, older people and even the younger generation are more content than the baby boomers. One study found a U-shaped happiness curve , which identifies those in their early 50's being the lowest-level of happiness. 7. Happy as easy as 1-3 "I want my day to be filled with endless potential, beauty and joy to be felt and explored, discovered, and expressed. And you know what? I'm capable of it, and so can you," I wrote. This article got discovered on Stumble Upon, bringing me my second (after the Rydell review of the Rydell concert) record amount of people visiting my site in one day. 8. Staying Happy Through Menopause I wrote this piece after Hot Flash Daily hired me to write funny articles about menopause to launch their new website. I'd never written humor before, but I had fun doing it for them! I happily shared it all including the hot flashes that racked up scorching heat along with the insane insomnia, the annoying anxiety, and a series of anxiety attacks that took place over many years. Yes, YEARS!

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