How To Make More Money In 2022 – The Top Seven Questions To Ask Yourself
Being able to earn more money and living an enjoyable and healthier lifestyle are the main goals we secretly and often openly are wishing for ourselves at beginning of every year . 2022 will be no instance of this. Alongside money, we wish ourselves and our neighbors and friends alike good health, bountiful blessings, God's grace and happiness However, if we have more money , that means God has answered all our requests. In order to make the New Year better than the one before, we write down New Year resolutions and pray that all our desires are fulfilled. Sadly these resolutions are more often than not forgotten few days into the New Year as life sweeps us around. There are those who believe that in order to succeed, it is necessary to take time to create goals and plans, and then work out your plans , and everything will be perfectly. It's not a good concept. Rather than make plans and write down goals make sure you ask yourself specific questions first. In order to ensure you increase your income in 2022, you should be guided by questions . here are the top seven to inquire about. 1. What is the amount of money I need to earn? A simple and almost trite answer, but this is the first question you must ask yourself. This is the road map to where you're going. You must be clear what you'd like to earn in 2022 prior to you start any other activity. The more specific the figure is, the greater chance you'll get it. Don't tell yourself I want to earn more money or a lot of money. Instead, tell yourself I want to make $50,000 or $1 million in 2022. When you say that, your mind will go to get to work and shift forces to enable you to achieve your goal. The human brain is awestruck by precision so if you want to meet the goal you've set, be clear what the goal is in relation to the precise figure. Also be unrealistic by setting audacious target. It's a mental thing. If you're earning $15,000 , why set your sights on $20,000 when you are able to target $150,000 which is 10X your salary? 2. Is what I'm currently doing making me more money in my pocket? Many people like to do things that get them noticed or loved or liked and generally do not ask what they're doing is putting more money in their pockets. Time is among the most limited resources and when it's gone it's gone forever. So you have to use your time carefully. When you're asked to take action, you must be sure to ask yourself if this decision going to help me earn more money in my pocket? If not then don't take it on. If you do you're cheating yourself as you could have used the time to complete something else which would have earned more money for your pocket or swollen your bank account. Take your time to be a little more selfish and, as much as you can don't over-stretch yourself by taking on too many tasks and projects that don't put more money in your pocket. 3. What should I be doing to, quadruple or 10X my income? For the next 2022 year, think of how you could grow your income exponentially , and not in a linear way. If you're earning $10,000, imagine ways you can double that amount in 3 or 6 months to reach $20,000 or increase it by 10 times to reach $100,000. If you're working a 9 - 5 work as an employee, think about how you can change jobs to earn double or solicit your current employer to double your pay. If you're self-employed , could you alter your methods to triple or double your earnings? Day in and day out all through 2022, never forget to bring a the pen and paper ready to examine the various ways that could enable you increase by double, quadruple or even 10X your income. 4. What price will I pay to reach my goal income? According to the old saying "No Cross, No Crown." A lot of people like to eat omelet but they aren't keen on breaking an egg. This is a lie. As the year progresses, be prepared to take on any price as well as shoulder any burden and do whatever you need to do to earn more money in 2022. Do you need to get this prestigious certificate? Do you have to relocate into a different state or an entirely different country, when your circumstances allow? Do you require learning currency, Forex exchange, content marketing internet-based business or whatever new skills are required to help you double what you're currently earning? If you're not prepared to take on any cost to reach your goal, then you're not limiting yourself. For more detail please visit:- 5. How can I find help to earn more money in 2022? Many people suffer from lack of self-confidence and find it hard to request assistance. There are those who are lone wolves who prefer to struggle on their own. Again this is a mindset thing. All you have to know is there's people across the world who will help you if you could just give a hand and asked in the right way. Don't forget, you're not asking for help. To beg is to belittle yourself and to undervalue your worth. Be aware that you're not asking for a handout. You're merely trying to seriously ask how you can move from here to where you want to go? You can even inquire on Google and YouTube and Facebook and a myriad of other social media channels. Join online communities. There are a myriad of ways to seek assistance. If you're hoping to earn more money by 2022, making asking for help an essential way to accomplish things during the New Year. 6. How many lives do I want to be able to touch? Do you have a Dr. Peter Diamandis, the co-founder of Singularity University and the author of two best-selling books Bold and Abundance, once stated, if you're looking to be a billionaire, touch one billion lives. If you're hoping to make more money in 2022, then you need to be prepared to touch more lives. What are you able to do? You can become a community mobiliser, as former president Barack Obama was before he became president. You could start a blog or podcast and speak out against bad leadership in your community. You could set up a school online like Khan Academy. There are numerous options to earn more cash in 2022 just by touching more people and making an enormous impact. All you have to keep in your thoughts is that making more money is not just for your own personal gain. 7. Why do I want to earn more money by 2022? In the previous paragraph, you have to keep at the back of your mind that earning more money isn't for your own personal ego. If you are looking to earn more cash in 2022, you need to have a compelling "Why" that transcends the routine. You don't want to make more money just because you'd like to buy the latest Rolls Royce, build a larger house, or buy an Island just for yourself. It is essential to have a solid "Why" because the more robust your "Why", the more durable you'll stand up to challenges when things get difficult. If you're "Why" is weak, you'll give up whenever you encounter your first obstacle or suffer an unintentional setback. An "Why" such as impacting more lives by improving the quality of life for others and providing service to humanity are all examples of "Why" that stands the years. Create a powerful "Why" to guide your travels and you'll earn more money by 2022. They are the top seven questions you should ask yourself to earn more in 2022. It begins by asking how much money I want to make and thinking deep and thoughtfully about that amount. Without a set amount, every other thing will be nothing but a futile exercise. Then, you ask yourself: are I currently is putting more money into my pocket? Next is what should I do to double or triple, quadruple or even 10X my income? The next question is the question of what price I am willing to pay to reach my goal income? Then you focus on the best way to get assistance to increase my income? The next thing to consider is how many lives do I wish to touch? And finally, why do I want to earn more money? If you ask these questions and systematically go in seeking answers to them, you'll make more money in 2022 than the amount you earned over the past ten years put together. I guarantee. Paul Uduk is the creator of Book Writing Clinic (BWC) which aims to train 1 million writers with flourishing established empires throughout Africa. He is also the author of iBMCer the complete software which teaches you how you can build online assets and businesses. He is the author of seven books, including Bridges to the Customer's Heart known as The the Customer Service Bible, that has the endorsements of Pascal Dozie (MTN Chairman), Ben Ofungwu (ISN Chairman) Tony Elumelu (UBA Chairman) and Nkechi Obi (GMD Techno Oil). The late internationally-acclaimed motivator, Richmond Dayo Johnson, referred to Paul in the title of "One of Nigeria's most authentic experiential writers." A trainer par excellence and the creator of Vision & Talent Training Group whose clients include Fortune 500 and some of the largest companies in Nigeria, including Dangote, First Bank, Techno Oil and Nestoil Group (whose clients include ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, Agip, and NNPC, amongst other clients). Paul has been mentioned in The Guardian, Vanguard, NTA, SilverBird TV, Business Day and Success Digest Extra. A Platinum Author with EzineArticles.Com His E-Product Development Blueprint For Beginners was released on Medium, and has been downloaded more than 1,000 times.

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