Where Does the Meaning and Purpose of Life Come From?
Our biological function is shared with every other living organism and that is to maintain our existence by utilizing metabolism, procreation collaboration, and competition. When we step above the mundane task of survival, the inquiry into the meaning and purpose of life becomes of great importance. The search for some sort of transcendental purpose is a uniquely human process. What is the reason I am here? What is the point of life? What is the reason for suffering? There seem to be 3 main world views which people have about the human ancestry. 1. The Creationist View 2. Evolution 3. Intelligent Design Creationism holds that the Universe and all that is in it were created by some god or deities. Christianity, Judaism and Islam all have the same basic creation story but many other faiths and indigenous cultures share similar tales. The New Ages are the newest version of creationism that replaces God with the idea of a higher being or spirit with an agenda and is the one who guides everything. The main issue with creationism is the requirement for modern minds to accept mythical non provable tenets, or to build belief on faith. Visit:- https://resumeinventor.com/ https://online-marketing-heroes.com youtube premium family "Evolution" is the notion that something as simple as an atom, grows in time to become something more complex like the universe, the planet, and humans. The exact steps how (or what the reasons) life began to emerge out of non-living matter are not understood. Two fundamental unanswered issues in evolution is the emergence of life forms in the first place as well as the beginning of self-consciousness in human beings. Once life was present, evolution describes how the mutations that occur in the DNA of living organisms through time, created the variety of species which we see today. Intelligent Design (ID)is a post-modern idea that emerged in response to the paradox that exists in the field of scientific materialism on one hand and issues with religious beliefs on the other. In short, ID investigates the idea that there exists a deeper dimension to the interconnectedness of everything in existence. The fascination with this concept comes from the field of science that is quantum mechanics non-locality , and the study of consciousness. The fundamental issue in ID is the absence of all the required science-based pieces for establishing the system beyond doubt. Each one of these belief systems provides a way for people to discover meaning and purpose in their lives . A lot of time is spent discussing which one is correct in spite of the fact that there are obvious knowledge gaps within each. It doesn't matter if one believes in mythic god, physical forces or something more intelligent like an evolutionary urge. The fact is that humans determine their own goals and meaning of their lives within their own mind. This is a process of deep thought about your passions , and then figuring out ways to apply your skills to benefit yourself and others.

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