Local Store Marketing: “Be” The News!
Who knows the most about what is happening at your store? You! It's your duty to make news stories about your store - don't wait for others to help you with this. Being active with local papers to get news coverage about your business is a great way to secure endorsements from third parties. Many editors - particularly, the beat reporters - are constantly searching for news stories that relate to area businesses. It's your job to get them. Offering them regular updates and details about your store can help build a rapport that they will appreciate. Good relationships with the media will keep you on the radar of journalists and the general public as well as create an alliance in the event you have to deal with any negative circumstance that might affect your store to the next time. Make contact with the local newspaper editors, beat writers, DJs and newscasters. so that you can continually update them with news articles regarding employee promotions, launch of new products and services as well as other newsworthy tidbits about your store. Visit:- trụ trồng rau thủy canh https://vattuxd.com/ ruouvangchile.vn While this may not result in immediate sales it can help lower your advertising costs. Establishing a positive, proactive connection with local media will increase the chances that they publish news items about your store for no cost. This type of news is well received by the general public, and keeps your store in the community. Each time you get in local press, it's an ad less to be put in place. Make sure you create one news item every quarter that you can distribute to all media. These news items can include announcing a new product launch or service - or it could be a less important news story like a brand new store manager's announcement. Create Your Media Contact List:Identify all of the smaller weekly and daily publications that serve your 3-mile trade zone, as as local radio stations, magazines, and TV stations. It is a good idea to visit each one of them, and introduce yourself and your store to them in the future for reference. Bring a free sample , information about your company's brand; your contact information; and your business. Building a relationship in advance of an event is a terrific method to remain in the forefront of all local news media. This will help in bringing positive news to the paper , and maybe even avoiding negative stories being published if it is ever to happen. Get Your Employees Star-WorthyOur employees often were raised within the communities where they work. As they progress in their careers, peer recognition is more valuable than the financial gain. If a worker was recently promoted in your company Why not share this promotion to the community by releasing a press release in a single paragraph? The employee feels appreciated and proud of their family and your business is held in high-esteem in the community because of "promoting one of their own." It's a fairly simple way to accomplish goals on many areas. Celebrate Mile Posts: Which date is you milestone? You probably had to think about it for a while before you calculated the time you've been in your business. Imagine how difficult it will be for anyone else to determine how long you've been operating for. It's entirely up to you to remind and announce customers of important mile markers in your business. These mile posts help give credibility to your business's image by saying "we are still in business"" Be A Good Community Citizenship: Pick a charity and create events to generate awareness and/or funds for that local charity in your company and then promote it through the media. Media is often the spokesperson for the community and they'd rather nothing more than a "feel good" article about the local charity that is tied into your business. Make a photo-op for your establishment to kick off the charity event and at the end , you'll be able to present a check to the organization. The charity wins, your business gets visitors and the media has a nice story to counter the negative stories they usually release. Create a "Call-to-Action": Every person loves a bargain and writing a news story that includes a promotion for your store - especially when it's a charitable or mile post will be noticed by the local media. Be succinct in message and be careful not to appear "advertising-like" instead develop a more public service announcement to get better outcomes. Media outlets may notice your announcement even if it's the day of the week with a low news flow to help in "filling content". The more credibility you establish with the media in advance the higher chance of the material being picked up by the media. It's a bit surprising that so little small companies take the time to cultivate relations with the media. Media is constantly on the lookout for news and having a network of news sources helps them. In most cases, it is the squeaky wheels that gets the oil and a constant stream of news coming from your business can establish this pipeline for the media. John Matthews is the founder and president of Gray Cat Enterprises, Inc. is a strategic planning and marketing service firm that is specialized in helping businesses develop in the restaurant, convenience and general retail industries. More than twenty years' experience in senior positions in retail and an appearance at various retail-related events across the U.S., Matthews has recently written two step-by-step manuals local store marketing manual for Retailers as well as Grand Opening Guide for Retailers

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