How to Compete With a Computer in the Online News Media Game
It seems like every day that we are able to see an automated system or computer is taking the job of the human. It certainly has helped our civilization and several industries are producing incredible output, but those jobs may never be coming back. When we complain about jobs being sent to countries overseas, we also ought to be concerned about jobs being replaced within our own country by robots. Let's talk about this for a moment, will we? Let's say that you're an investigative reporter or you're producing news articles for the Internet or a local newspaper. What do you need to know to beat computers in the creation of news stories? It's not like you've heard of it or even knew that many of the articles you read online were actually produced by a computer program rather than human did you? It's factual. In fact, there are computer programs that are able to scan the Internet for different events, and when they see similar stories popping up at different places, they make an original title by using derivative algorithmic tricks, and then go online and locate the Who What When Where are you? Why How do I They then take that information and convert it into a paragraph format just as every news article would read. But of course the entire story is plagiarized, but it's plagiarized from a variety of sources that no one could ever tell the distinction. That's the way it is taking place today. But how does a news reporter keep up with that? Interestingly enough, many journalists, rather than actual reporting do the exact method. They visit the Internet and read four or five articles related to the same event, and a rewrite it and make their own story. Visit:- Antigua and Barbuda It's unfortunate because nobody knows whether the initial information in the first article or even the first few articles is even correct? Because of computers, people trying to compete are cheating just as the computers are cheating. And because of this, we're receiving a lot of bad news and online content but a lot of it could not even be true. Further, who is to say someone didn't plant five or four stories in the media they just made up, making a news story that didn't actually happen to begin with? How can we tell? If you're hoping to stand out against computer systems when you write news articles, you need to visit your source for the article to get personal interviews with those who actually were there, contact them via the phone, and then make use of their account from the first hand and their own words. You can then quote their words in your article. Otherwise, you're putting more rubbish on top of the garbage and as a devoted news reader I'm bored at the thought of it. This is how you can be successful and create excellent news content, and yet be competitive. Think about all this and consider it. Lance Winslow has launched a new and exciting series of eBooks on many topics. Lance Winslow is a retired Director of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and is now the Director of his own online think tank. Online Think Tank

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