How Can You Tell When the News Media Is Full Of Beans
Do you remember that Debt Crisis and Government Shut Down of October 2013? There was a lot written in the media regarding all that. They even used it as their main news story every night on all news stations. CNN was one of the primary commotion makers. However, instead of interviewing anyone of substance, typically they would interview themselves or other anchors who were not anchored reporters of other parts of the news. Why? Because they had to get the endless hours of airtime because no one was speaking about them, perhaps they talked to themselves? Ok, so let's discuss this, shall we? watch movies online slot online soccer news First, let's not pick only on CNN, as they are only one of the numerous TV news channels. Actually, every TV news channels were doing exactly the same thing, but I ask, is this real news? Or is it simply an opinion. A similar strategy that week I noted on NBC and it was even more hilarious mostly due to the socialist-liberal-Democrat slant. It's not a lie that the right-leaning news channel, FOX for instance, occasionally does the same thing with a different twist, but without the political correctness that is hardcore, and therefore no one is in the right direction on this. But why would I care? It's difficult to answer other than that once they are done force feeding everyone their views, they have the audacity to take a pole and solicit feedback from everyone of the people listening are at this point are brainwashed to no end, but by conducting the polls on Twitter or on a website, everyone is able to stay on their sides of the political spectrum and quite easily, I'd add, reinforcing their views that are repeated time and again by extremely attractive and articulate journalists even though the reporters aren't aware of what's happening. In fact, if these reporters had actual interviews , they might have the experience and knowledge, however they'd need to change their opinions - oh my ! You mean to that they actually cover the truth and not just opinion? In the end, people who may be interviewed get exhausted of the biased news, and they simply decline the request or in this instance of the government shutting down, they are busy with the issue instead of spreading their opinions over the television cable news. Also, keep in mind to shut off the TV if Cable news channel begins to interview its own reporters, don't take your time and listen to the sound and noise, and though often addictive, don't have better activities to be doing? Think for yourself, do not rely on the cable TV news opinion, you are better than the cable news channel. Lance Winslow is the Founder of the Online Think Tank, a diverse group of achievers, entrepreneurs, experts, innovators and futurists. They are thinkers academics, dreamers, leaders, and brilliant minds.

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